We at Mayville have been renowned for our expertise in the specialist tuition of dyslexic

pupils for over 20 years and run the well-established ‘Harden-Davies Dyslexia Unit’

catering for a variety of needs as well as dyslexia, including dyscalculia, dyspraxia and

mild speech & language disorders. Children from 4 – 16 can receive an individual

programme of support to help overcome their particular difficulties as each pupil will

have their own unique profile of strengths as well as weaknesses.


The Harden-Davies Dyslexia Unit is regularly inspected by CreSTeD, which is an

independent body established to monitor and evaluate the standards of teaching and

provision for dyslexic pupils within the private sector. After another successful inspection

in November 2013 Mayville’s ‘Dyslexia Unit’ (DU) status was, again, renewed.


Dyslexia (SpLD) covers a wide range of limitations and areas of ability and can manifest

itself in many different ways presenting many difficulties for a pupil to overcome. Each

pupil will react to these individually and work to address them in a variety of different



At school age dyslexic pupils may evidence one or many limitations in the development

of specific aspects of reading, spelling, writing, numeracy and sometimes speech, despite

overall ability and conventional teaching. For some there are the added problems of

organisational difficulties, short term memory difficulties, processing difficulties,

attention and concentration difficulties, and for others the behavioural problems linked

to frustration.


It is also worth remembering that dyslexic pupils tire more quickly than other pupils. Far

greater concentration is required. They often suffer from constant nagging uncertainty

and low self-esteem. They may work slowly because of their difficulties and are always

under pressure of time. They may have organisational difficulties, continually forgetting

what they should have with them and where they should be. They may be late for

lessons. They are often bright and articulate verbally but there may be a great

discrepancy between verbal and written performance. They are also sometimes adept at

finding strategies to disguise their difficulties.

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