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Development matters…read more

Development matters…read more


Mathematics is an integral part of the world in which we live.

Here are some resources to help you play at home with your child to support their maths understanding.

The methods and approaches to teaching maths at school have changed over time, so the work your child does in Reception might look very different from your experience of maths as a child. To best support your child, it’s important to try and use the same methods that your child is learning at school.

Teaching Methods

Here are some good resources for childen to practise their maths.




Welcome to Mayville Nursery please find out more here..

Welcome to Mayville Nursery please find out more here..


There are a lot of steps in the process of teaching children phonics.

There are many great websites and apps to help support phonics learning at home. Here are some of our favourites used in school: – help with pronunciation


Technology has developed over recent years and will continue to evolve, leaving many of us struggling to keep up. Below are some resources to keep you informed and interactive resources to play with your child to help with the ongoing issues of E-safety.

E-safety for early years- useful parental information

Internet Matters Parent Pack

CBeebies App- E-safety learn through play