Disney's High School Musical at Kings Theatre

Help support our pupils creative efforts. On Wednesday 4th July and Thursday 5th July, 200 children from Mayville High School will be taking to the stage at the Kings Theatre in Southsea to put on their very own performance of Disney’s High School Musical.

“This production is a very apt choice for our pupils as we are a very inclusive school with many of our children involved in lots of activities. In High School Troy and Gabriella have to decide whether they go to the Basketball game and the Science Decathlon rather than their auditions. This production has a certain relevance to the lives of our children and they are very excited about it.” — Mayville’s Head of Creative Arts Candice Doughty

 High School Musical Performance

High School Musical the Story

In High School Musical Troy Bolton basketball captain, and mathematician and scientist Gabriella Montez decide to audition for the lead in their High School Production. Their efforts to break the mould and forge their own path breaking out of cliques are nearly thwarted by divas Sharpay Evans and her twin brother Ryan who will do anything to get the leads in the school musical.

MAyville Creative Arts

Mayville is a Performing Arts Academy so it is a chance to showcase our talents. Some of our cast members have performed professionally, in West End performances, in the English Youth Ballet and taken part in competitions and festivals achieving exceptional results. However for others in the lead parts it will be there first major opportunity and their first experience of being in a professional theatre.

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