KS4 Textiles

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  • Core technical principles

  • Specialist technical principles

  • Designing and making principles


Appendix 1: Links to maths and science

As outlined in the DfE subject content document, through their work in design and technology students must apply relevant knowledge, skills and understanding from key stage 3 and 4 courses in the sciences and maths.

They should use the metric and International System of Units (SI) system but also be aware that some materials and components retain the use of imperial units.

Through the assessment of their knowledge and understanding of technical principles students must demonstrate an understanding of the mathematical and scientific requirements shown in the following tables. The examples in the tables below are illustrative of how the mathematical skills and scientific knowledge and skills identified could be applied in design and technology.


Class clips

Specialist subject area GCSE Textiles.

BBC Textiles

Ergonomics School

Textile design investigate, analyse and evaluate the work of others.

Product design companies

Core revision materials

Unit 1 Industry and enterprise

1-Be aware of how computers and automation have changed manufacturing through the use of robotics.

2- Sustainability and the environment

Video and news article with more useful links at the bottom of the article for you to read.


3 - People, culture and society

4 - Production techniques and systems

Page 21 in your AQA GCSE (9-1) TEXT BOOK

5 - Informing design decisions



Unit 3 – Materials 1 - Papers and boards

2 – Timbers


3 - Metals and alloys


4 – Polymers


5 - Textiles