Health and Emotional Well Being at Mayville

The following links are designed to provide you with practical advice on areas of concern that sometimes cause parents anxiety or stress when supporting your child.

Self Harm


Eating Disorders


Young Minds 

Is a fantastic organisation offering free, confidential online and telephone support, including information and advice, to any adult worried about the emotional problems, behaviour or mental health of a child or young person.

Parents’ Survival Guide

Parents’ Helpline

A-Z of Mental Health

NSPCC – The NSPCC’s Parents’ site recognises a big part of keeping children safe is making sure to look after their emotional and mental well-being. The site offers information on an array of topics.

Royal Society of Psychiatrists – The main professional body for psychiatrists in the UK believes that everyone needs knowledge to make informed decisions about their health and aim to produce information which is: evidence-based, accessible and up-to-date. Their online A-Z leaflets cover all areas of mental health.

NHS Live Well 

Health Matters – a confidential, interactive school nursing website designed to promote health in young people 


National online safety’s mission to educate and empower trusted adults with the information they need to engage in meaningful dialogue between children and young people about the online world, their online activities and the ever-evolving risks that they are exposed to. Their focus is on both general online safety risks and platform specific risks to provide adults with easy to follow information which enables conversations between adults and children. (

Omegle Parent Guide

Lower School

The Bounceback programme is a whole school approach which promotes positive mental health and enables children to act resiliently when faced with challenges or adversity. To find out more or

Upper school

We have embarked on this wonderful journey to promote and establish emotional intelligence along with mental security within our pupils. Through PSHE lessons and within daily interactions we aim to encourage our pupils to reflect upon life in a more positive manner.