Junior Library

At Mayville we believe it is crucial to inspire children at a young age and make them passionate about reading, expanding their imagination, knowledge, and vocabulary.

This is where the librarian is in a unique position to influence children by promoting reading throughout the school; bringing stories to life through many different means, such as themed events, author visits, reading initiatives, and book awards.

All this, plus our weekly library lessons. What makes everything worthwhile, is when one child discovers the joy of reading from a book that has been recommended, or a parent is inspired to read to their child due to an event which the school has organised. Our junior librarian says:

I was once a reluctant reader myself, so I understand the influence reading can have on learning.  At the age of 10, I was captured by Enid Blyton .  I read the entire series from cover to cover and was transported to another world.  I was hooked!  Just one book opened a gateway that has never been closed.

That’s what we aim to achieve here at Mayville.