Summer Schools in Performing Arts

Mayville High School launched a Performing Arts Academy earlier this year offering children in the city the chance to take part in workshops and summer schools in dance, singing, drama and stage management. Mayville High School has long been ahead of its time in recognising the intrinsic value of performing arts and now the school would like to offer its expertise and facilities to all children in the school holidays. Mayville pupils have been taking LAMDA exams in speech and drama since 1985 and is one the few schools in the South to have been involved in Rock Challenge since its inception more than 20 years. This year Mayville is staging High School Musical at the Kings Theatre and the school’s performance of Peter Pan there saw specialist teams brought in to teach children to fly in harnesses. At Mayville there are wonderful facilities including two dance studios and a hall that can be transformed into a theatre space. Many Mayville pupils have gone into higher education in the performing arts and some have gone on to work in the industry as dancers, actors, and in television. This summer Mayville is holding its Performing Arts Academy for two separate weeks from August 6th to August 10th and also from August 20th until Friday 24th.  which includes singing, dance, and drama and also a Stage Management course including lighting and sound. It is an opportunity for children to improve their confidence, improve fitness, build on the skills they already have and work as part of a team.




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