18 students and 2 members of staff traveled the length and breadth of Ecuador experiencing the depths of the Amazonian rainforest to the East, the wild Pacific coast to the west and the clarity and beauty of the Andes to the North. 

After flying to Quito, and over the course of a month, the group traversed the country carrying our numerous community and environmental projects along the way. The first stop was the jungle where pupils started a medicinal garden for a local community.  In several of the camps pupils were involved in building water containers to provide individual houses with a supply of fresh water.

The next stop was the Pacific Ocean for a PADI Open Water scuba diving course. Project work here included working in a tree nursery and helping roof a local school. We also carried a beach clean up and saw first hand the problem of plastic in the ocean. A whale watching trip was a sight to behold with pods of Humpback Whales including mothers and babies surrounding the boat for several hours.

Travelling to the Andes at an altitude of 4000m was challenging physically, as was the project work which included building a road by hand.

Head of Science Mrs Jones  who led the trip says "During our month in Ecuador were blessed by a Shaman, trekked through the jungle, learned Kichwa, slept in hammocks and dived with turtles. What a privilege it was to share this adventure with such amazing, wonderful young people." 

Next stop Kenya Scuba 2019

and soon launching Cambodia Summer 2020.