Mayville Dancer to Attend World Renowned Dance College

Yr 11 Mayville student Tara has been offered a full dance and drama award to study at Laine Theatre Arts. Laine is one of the best dance and drama schools in the UK and is known throughout the world. Tara had been accepted for the course (3 year Level 6 Diploma in Musical Theatre), however it all rested on whether she was accepted for the funding. Tara has successfully secured funding without having to attend a second audition for this and she can now embark on her dream to study at Laine. During recent months Tara has been for 4 auditions at top London dance colleges which all made offers, including scholarships or funding. Mum Miranda Williamson said "Thank you Mayville for all your support of her passion and career choice. We are both incredibly grateful for all the opportunities you have provided for her." Tara Mayville wishes you the best of luck.