The Importance of Having a Voice

The importance of having a voice is the theme of Mayville’s PHSE Day. On a visit to Mayville, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan was open, funny and honest opening the floor to questions. “Are You fed up with Brexit?” He answered “Yes If I’m honest, most people want to talk about other things.” “Do you find being in Parliament intimidating?” He said that it could be intimidating. He added “The Speaker is quite a character he can shut you down and tease you a bit.” He also said “I had to learn very quickly.” When asked what the biggest political crisis was he answered, “Climate Change.” Does he support student strikes as a call to action? Yes he does. He also mentioned Mayville supporting the Eco Bricks Project, and listened as he was told how Mayville is an Eco School and how today thanks to our Eco Warrior Head of Science Kate Jones, the school took part in the Great Big School Clean and how as a school we are working hard to reduce the use of plastic. Well done everyone for asking such brilliant questions.