Judges Comments about ISA Drama Competition

As reported Lois won the Audrey Vowles Prize for the Best Junior Performer in the ISA Drama competition, however the judges were very complimentary about Mayville's other performers. They said in the Wizard of Oz, " The introduction of the Scare Crow and Tin Man were cleverly staged and beautifully played. The Scarecrow’s wobbly physicality was a delight. Once the Lion had appeared this happy company was well on their way to a successful trip up the Yellow Brick Road… it was a delight to see and hear young actors listening and talking to each other and sustaining their accents throughout."

Mayville's seniors actors in Blood Brothers were also praised. The judges said "Vocal clarity and energy allowed us to share every intimate moment as the ladies gave us two very assured performances. The downstage meeting of the brothers was a delightful scene. Both actors managed to convey their youth with both physical and vocal techniques and were well energised and maintained. It was a treat to witness the young cast, talking and reacting with their fellow players."

blood brothers.png