Incredible Dance Achievement at World Cup

Mayville High School’s Bryony has become a World Champion in Song and Dance at the Dance  World Cup 2019, in Portugal with Max winning the “Most Outstanding Boy Award” in his section.  Bryony became a World Champion Song and Dance soloist with a massive total of 98 marks. Max won a gold medal in his jazz solo for the second year running and when he performed his solo at the Dance World Cup theatrical gala he was crowned “Most Outstanding Boy.” Mayville dancers also had amazing results in the Dance World Cup competition. Max and Eden were awarded the bronze medal for their tap duet and Max, Leia and Eden and their partner Tayla were also awarded the bronze medal for their song and dance quartet. Max  was also placed 4th for his tap solo. Havannah also competed at the Dance World Cup, and danced in a Ballet Quartet, show dance duet, tap duet, and 3 national dances. She placed second silver medal for both Ballet Quartet and Tap Duet. 4th in the show dance 6th for Hopac Ukrainian national. Congratulations to everyone.

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