Frances Hardinge captivates pupils at Mayville High School

Frances Hardinge, winner of the Costa Book Awards, captivated pupils at Mayville today as she let them into the secrets of how she comes up with ideas for her novels.

The quirky, down-to-earth, funny novelist, who admits she was stunned by the literary prize bestowed on her for The Lie Tree, described herself as: "A deranged magpie looking for shiny interesting stuff" when it comes to finding ideas. She compared the research process to looking through "A giant fat car boot sale". She also admitted that the arduous process of rewriting her work before publication often made her hate her books, but then, she said she "Falls back in love with them" once they are finished, bound and on the shelves. 11 year old Sarima, who's in Remove, was lucky enough to interview the author for BBC Radio Solent who came to record a feature on her visit. Sarima said: "She was amazing I love her books! She really spoke to us so we could understand. I will definitely be a writer now."

Mayville High School  would like to thank Frances Hardinge.