Parents' Thoughts

Parents love Mayville just as much as the pupils do. Here are some interviews with Mayville parents:

“Mayville is very inclusive and encourages children bringing out the best in them.”


“Mayville instils manners into children and the value of respecting others. My son learnt that if you work hard, the rewards will come later, and he always wanted to learn thanks to Mayville. ”


“Mayville High School is a place where pupils can aspire, achieve academically, grow and find fulfilment as individuals.”

“I think the pastoral care at Mayville is second to none.”


“I have been delighted with the school, staff are approachable, it is creative and caters for each individual child. It really does take the gifts children have and then develop them.”


“If you have concerns about your child you can talk to the teachers, they treat each child as an individual. My children are always happy to come to school.”

"It was important to find the right school. I think it is a really caring environment. The Mayville format is right for us.”

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